Monday, December 23, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: "Auditory Viewpoint" by Lillian R. Melendez



Lillian R. Melendez's novel about a blind woman trying to solve a crime is one of the most thought-provoking books I've read in a while. Its writing is different; doesn't read like a typical crime novel.

Gloria is a popular radio-show host whose most recent interview is with an IT professional named Benjamin.
What you realize about Gloria is that she is blind, and that sets the tone for the entire novel.

Gloria's sister, Anna, has her identity stolen, but it goes deeper than that: people want her dead. Bodies show up at Anna's apartment and, when someone tries to warn her about an impending attack, be gets stabbed as well.

The police do the best they can, but it isn't enough. Gloria knows she must take charge the only way she knows how: by using her other four senses to "get" things people with sight don't.

With Benjamin's help, can she help save her sister? Or is Benjamin an enemy, too?

In Auditory Viewpoint, the reader gets an inside look at what it's like living without sight and always having people doubt you. Anna constantly makes Gloria seem,t just blind, but stupid as well, which is obviously not the case at all.This look inside their relationship (Anna is younger but has always had to be the older-acting sibling) is also unusual in a suspense novel, but it is welcome. It gives it a much more personal effect.

I also loved the intense detail Ms. Melendez put in when Gloria was training Anna to use her other senses. It went beyond what others might put, and, as a gal with an eye for detail, it was more than appreciated that she took the time to add in the little things.

You won't know you are reading a novel that is about 150 pages until you finish it and say, "I want more".

Great story, unique ciscumstances and excellently portrayed emotions. Give it a read, you'll agree!


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