Thursday, January 16, 2014

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: James DeSantis Talks "Exterminators: Shadows"

Author James DeSantis is back on my blog again to talk about the second book in his series, Exterminators; Shadows.
Warning: if you didn't read book one, Infected, there ARE spoilers in this interview! Purchase links for the first book can be found here.


1. This story picks up where book one, Infected, left off. Each character has had some personal changes. Were those slight differences intentional or did they sort of grow up before your eyes?

They are slowly growing up. I look back and wonder how much I changed throughout the years. It's odd, everybody changes in some ways. Do you remember when you change though? Like major changes? I think changes almost always happened gradually. I wanted to make the characters in Exrterminators act just like all of us. Small changes to some, but major changes to the person themselve. 

2. In this book you delve deeper into the Summoners and Shadows, and their relationships with the Exterminators. Will you continue to write about those organizations in the future Exterminators books?

Yes, they are a huge part of the entire world that I've built. The three way war is something I find interesting. It's scary enough when two organizations are at war with each other, lives on the line. What happens when a third comes into play? Can you trust anyone? That's really what makes the whole thing so fun to write. 

3. Why did you choose to have Riven come back as such an essential character instead of having him fade away after be possessed Fred?

Fred was a character that builds the others in a lot of way. Even in his passing, he created a so called “road” for the other characters to travel on. Riven, is a huge symbolic character. Almost struggling to find his identity. Something many people can relate to. 

4. You deal with a lot of emotions most adventure novels leave out: love, loss, betrayal and self-doubt. Was it difficult to dredge up those intense feelings or were they easy to put into words?

At one point in life I felt almost everything these characters go through. Growing up we deal with love, betrayal, death, abuse (in some way or another) and putting it down on paper really is almost self reliving in some ways. So having these situations for certain characters can seem “mean” or “wrong” but everyone goes through troubles in life. Even the ones who have everything. Why should my characters be any different? To many stories protect their characters from real world problems. I want my characters to face them head on. 

5. Both books have had a lot of twists and turns to leave readers guessing. Is there anything you can tell them to EXPECT in the future installments of the series? 

As I finish book three, which connects with two in a lot of ways, I want to say you are in for a big roller coaster ride. Book four is the calm before the storm and will create the events of book five that with conclude the series. Everyone can see the war is coming, there's no secret there. This war will be HUGE and it'll leave readers in shock as the events unfold. I promise this much, what's to come is both scary and exciting. So get ready!

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