Wednesday, April 16, 2014

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: "San Hannibal #1"


Writer: Dan Schkade

Artist: JD Faith

Letters: Jesse Snavlin

Cover: Dan Schkade & Jesse Snavlin

Editor: PJ Perez

"What's the story, Savannah Loy?" asks the debut issue of the comic book San Hannibal. Award-winning journalist Savannah has mysteriously gone missing and private investigator Avery has been hired to find her by any means possible.
The search involves an angry boyfriend (possibly current, possibly an ex), an enigmatic musician and a mysterious 5'5" who can move like the wind.
Also, it makes the reader wonder...what is the deal with the political posters of "Falk" the artist depicts quite a bit? Do they mean something...or nothing at all.

San Hannibal (published by popular indie company Pop Goes The Icon and Omega Comics) is what they are calling "neon noir", which is a great way too put it. It's a dark-tinged crime comic, colored in a vivid pink/black/white scheme that is slightly distracting and at the same time kind of brings the story together.
Schkade's writing is lyrical in a way and it's what I like best about the book as a whole. It makes the reader feel as if they're not reading and you will be surprised when you see that you've reached the end of the book already.

The book, overall, is simple and a nice change from the popular, busy comics most read today. I think that the story and its creators have a long, successful future in the world of comics.


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