Saturday, April 19, 2014

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: "Death's Life #1"


Spalding Manik: writer/editor
Jethro Morales: artist/assistant editor
Bryan Arfel Magnaye: colorist
Mark Oliver Santillan: letters

It's sometimes difficult to review only a single issue of a comic book. It can be confusing and inconclusive, but I took this job on for one reason: I love comics and am always willing to give a new story a chance. Thankfully, I was not disappointed.
Death's Life, written by Spalding Manik, with art by the very simplistic and talented Jethro Morales (formerly the artist for DC Comics' Green Hornet), is the story of a soldier who is so afraid of death that he makes a deal with Samael (the reader can think of him as simply the Devil or the Angel of Death) to live, in exchange for a little knowledge about human technologies.

The first chapter of Death's Life is a very quick read, relying as much on the art as it does on the writing to fully engage the reader.
While I, personally, prefer a little more dialogue in my comics (I'm a longtime fan of the great Marv Wolfman), the way this was created really works. The rather abrupt ending will leave readers wanting to know what happens to Jake once Samael comes to collect his due and the art perfectly meshes with the writing.

4/5--nice work!

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