Monday, June 23, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Bound & Hagged (Home Summonings #1)" by James McDonald


Young Nora has to go see a mysterious woman named Miss T to learn about her legacy, but the book she has been given makes no sense.
It's about the legend Greyson Forrester, whose wizard powers were bound when he was young, except for his self-defense and Sight abilities. It's almost time for him to be "evaluated" and he needs to be at his best, but a case with cursed money and missing faries takes him into other realms with his old team and the Amazons.
Will Grey stay alive long enough to regain his powers and remain a free man, or will the Dark Faries get to him first?

I liked James McDonald's story well enough. It started off strange, got stranger and the end was the strangest of all. The characters, except for snarky Grey, are all neutral for a while, and there's a reason for that.
There are a myriad of monsters in there, including vampires, Djinn and demons, and they keep the reader's attention.
What I loved most was the descriptive text. I could see every landscape and monster clearly in my mind's eye.
While some more character development would have been appreciated, this is a well-thought out novel that strays from being typically "paranormal". The author's attention to detail during the fight scenes is also a great addition to the narrative. This is like Percy Jackson for adults, in my opinion!

Great book that leaves readers wondering what will happen to Greyson next.

3.5/5--great narrative and detail!

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