Thursday, June 26, 2014

MANGA REVIEW: "Goryo Dog #1"


Writer: Joseph P. Gauthier
Artist: Zahdian Arief Arizky
Letters: Alex Lugo
Cover: Anthony Van Den Risen
Publisher: 10 Worlds Studio

Goryo Dog is a digital serial manga available for a small donation on the 10 Worlds Studio website (link below), written by Joseph P. Gauthier and drawn by Zahdian Arief Arizky.
It focuses on the cursed campus Yamato no Orochi Secondary School, a haunted transplant school from Japan to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, California.
The first issue introduces you to Jake, a bad boy with a string of female "conquests" behind him. He belongs to a fight club outside of school.
A murder happens in the girls' bathroom, starting a whole snowball of events.

I LOVE manga, but never really have the chance to review it. I'm glad Malena PR semt this to me. Groyo Dog might be a bit too risque for Shonen Jump readers, but reads very well. The art is sketchy (as in it looks like sketches, not it's hinky) and immediately captures the eye.
The writing is simplistic and perfectly  describes the story without seeming overemphasized. Some may not like the sexual content, but I found it added to the authenticity of the story's characters.

Good, short read that will make you want to find out more about the students at Yamato no Orochi.

4/5--great introductory story!

Read Goryo Dog via:

10 Worlds Studio (please don't forget to leave a donation!)

It is also on:

Malena PR official site






Lassomedia Official site

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