Thursday, July 3, 2014

MANGA REVIEW: "Goryo Dog #5"


Writer: Joseph P. Gauthier
Artist: Zahdian Arief Arizky
Letters: Alex Lugo
Cover: Anthony Van Den Risen
Publisher: 10 Worlds Studio

Goryo Dog is a digital serial manga available for a small donation on the 10 Worlds Studio website (link below), and in issue #5 we see teen fighter Willie Jackson's "deal" (see my review of issue #4) come to life as he enters a horribly unfair fight.
The demon he let in takes over in battle, but, as he returns to normal, another fighter threatens him.
Meanwhile, a hunter (a sickeningly cute teenage girl, in keeping with the true manga fashion) is investigating the haunted Yamato no Orochi Secondary School, guided by, what appears to be, a disembodied voice.

This story ends on a terrifying cliffhanger that has even left me waiting for the next installment.
The story has strengthened greatly since issue #1 and you can plainly see how the creators became more comfortable with the story and characters as time went on.
Stunning art and tantalizing story. Definitely pick this up!

5/5--great work!

Read Goryo Dog and leave a donation via 10 Worlds Studio official site .

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