Thursday, August 14, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Hunt For The Star (Eldon Archives #1)" by Dane Richter


In a time of war and magic, can a hero choose between the love of his family and the fate of the world. . . Edoria is at war. Artos Hestrom retreats back to his home town of Corsin where he is given the task of retrieving a powerful crystal called the Eldon Star. The ageing Artos uses deceit and lies to procure people to help him on the journey and the plight of a halfman, half-elf called Chet, provides the perfect cover. Artos' nephew, Ethan, freely volunteers to accompany him without knowing his true motives, but Ethan's death has been foreseen in a vision. Knowing that Ethan would certainly die if he is included on the journey, Artos must choose between the fate of his family and the fate of the world. Standing in his way is the evil Sorcerer, Ruehl, who has waged war in Edoria with his blood-thirsty hordes of Kròkos. Ruehl uses his minions to relentlessly scour the land for the crystal. Betrayals, challenges and loss set up a final confrontation with the evil Sorcerer where there can be only one victor.

I copied the description of the book from Amazon, because I would've probably been quite long-winded in my description from memory! There's a lot going on in Hunt For The Star!
I loved the characters in this story, which were fully formed and very individualized. My favorite was by far Keral!
The story was very good, an adventure in the tradition of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings, especially of the latter. Some of it, the dark wizard and the villainous Krokos, seemed taken straight from the pages of The Return of the King.
The story, as I said, was good, but the characters are its best feature by far. I love good character development and Mr. Richter did not disappoint.
I also enjoyed the style of writing, which was grandiose yet not flowery, easy to comprehend and made it seem like a great story to read while curling up by the fire with your favorite hot beverage.

4/5--good work.

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