Sunday, August 31, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Tomorrow Never Comes" by Pamela Jones


Bernice Albright is a successful writer with fame and wealth beyond her wildest dreams. But her money means nothing to her compared with her family, her younger sister and brother, whom she raised after their mother passed away.
After each of them having gotten into trouble (Rico is a cocaine addict and Marlena married an abusive man), she's invited them both to live with her in hopes of a better tomorrow, but tomorrow is a long way away...

Pamela Jones' novella is a short book you can read within half an hour, and it contains what I believe to be one of the most powerful messages that can be heard: money means does not being happiness.
Despite Bernice's wealth, she's racked with grief and responsibilities...and a lot of pain. Reading this book is a whirlwind of emotions, from hope to despair. Despite some editing errors, this is a great story in the tradition of King's Rose Madder and Sparks' Safe Haven.

4/5--great work!

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