Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Professional Editing Services

As I read many books of many genres from many authors, I realized that some of them were in need of editing services of varying degrees, and I realized that I wanted to be the one editing them, but I wasn't sure how to begin with no references and no professional editing education.

With a little help from friends and family, I did my research and have now launched the next phase of Kelly Smith Reviews: Kelly Smith Editing Services!

For a small fee (flexible depending on the length of your manuscript and your individual needs), I will edit grammar, spelling, punctuation and anything else you want me to do. (Sorry, no ghostwriting services, however!) I will have it back to you in a timely manner, and can guarantee my work will meet your needs satisfactorily.

I started reading at two years old, and, all through my school career, I was four grades above my age group in English and Reading, which led me to graduate high school early. I am meticulous about my work and, if I am being completely honest, am very OCD about grammar and punctuation. I would help my teachers, in fact, grade some students' essays in the grades below mine for extra credit.

Please email me at notok02@hotmail.com for references, rates and any questions you might have. This offer is open to authors, publishers, agents and anyone else who is in need of editing services. I do not discriminate! You can be independent, signed, a novice or a veteran author.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you! :)

Kelly Smith

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