Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Coaptation (The Book of Drachma #2)" by Timothy H. Cook


In the sequel to Timothy H. Cook's debut novel Laminar Flow, Dr. Bob Gilsen is still in a strange land, where medicine is primitive and living conditions are worse. But this strange world is in desperate need of his modern medical knowledge.
His nurse, Judy Morrison, is as confused as anyone about the doctor's sudden disappearance on the heels of the tragic death of a much-loved patient. As she tries to find Dr. Gilsen, she finds herself pulled away from her life into what the book accurately describes as "a place of chaos and snowy danger". It's a place under a curse of a deadly plague and they need help.
The move futther combines the two worlds--the present and the past; Judy's and Bob's--and gets her just a little closer to Dr. Gilsen.

The first book in The Book of Drachma trilogy, Laminar Flow, was an interesting whirlwind of fantasy and fact, fiction and reality. Coaptation, the second book of the trilogy, focuses a little more on Nurse Morrison as well as Dr, Gilsen. I have to admit I was hoping that would happen, as I liked Judy and didn't think that there was enough of her in the first book.
Medical knowledge is not necessary for the reader, but having a little bit of it helps with some of the narration. Dr. Cook has a lifetime of knowledge stored away and he uses that, plus his vast imagination, to ensnare the reader into this strange world.
The new characters introduced are vivid in the imagination, and the new setting is as well. The book raises a LOT of questions from the reader and pretty much all are answered by the end. One in particular is, "Who or what is this Drachma?" It's something we all hope is resolved by the time we get to the final installment!

Great characters and a very vivid narrative makes this series deserve a spot in your TBR pile!

4/5--interesting and informative

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