Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Ever Near (Secret Affinity Book 1)" by Melissa MacVicar


Even more than vampires, I love ghosts and, pretty much, know everything that there is to know about them.
Good ghost stories can come across as cheesy (with the exception of the Nicki Styx series by Terri Garey), but Ever Near (Book 1 in the Secret Affinity Series by Melissa MacVicar) is a wonderful, realistic tale that will have you alternating between smiles and gasps.

Jade is sixteen, mixed-race, living with her soon-to-be stepfamily in a small New England town. She has a hreat life, but two little problems: she's in love with Charlie, her stepbrother, and, oh, yes, she can see ghosts.
A ghost haunts her new home, Fair-Ever, and she wakes up having screaming nightmares every night. No one knows about her gift, but as the ghost begins to become more volatile, and Charlie gets more suspicious of what's happening to Jade, she realizes that she may need to spill her secret before it's too late.

Ever Near was a wonderful, fresh read. It's great reading a new take on spirits, written in a way that teens can enjoy it as well as adults.
Jade is a great, strong character, whom readers will adore. Charlie is a dream boyfriend, and the other supporting characters are also entertaining and realistic.
The ghosts have just enough "scare" in them to make most readers shudder, while the backstory is deep enough to be on a episode of Supernatural. I could've done with less romance, but I know the readers will also love to sigh over Charlie as much as they'll love to scream over Lacey/Lydia and her antics.
I also enjoy how the reaction to Jade's gift was written. People usually don't take well to other people seeing the dead! Really, though, with Jade's personality, a great love story, the fearsome spirits and a creepy ghost-guide, you can't go wrong with Ever Near!

5/5--loved it!

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