Thursday, September 11, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The WishKeeper" by Maximilian Timm


When a broken-winged, rebellious teenage fairy discovers that her family's WishMakers made an all-important True Love Wish, she secretly ventures to the human world in order to grant it despite the impossibility and prove that she can be a WishKeeper. An adventure to prove her worth turns into a battle against dark forces determined to harness the wish's power, as well as the insecurities that arise within the little fairy herself. 
We, WishMakers, all have a WishKeeper assigned to us that protects and guides our wishes to fulfillment. Teenage, broken-winged Shea is determined to become one.

The Wishkeeper by Maximilian Timm is an inspiring fantasy story for anyone over the age of 13, particularly those who have been made fun of for their physical appearance (check) or who have been told that they can't achieve their dreams (double check).
Shea is a fiery heroine with a strong sense of determination. She knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to achieve her dreams and help her family's WishMakers' wish come true.
Rarely will you find a story about fairies that doesn't seem like typical Disney fodder. Mr. Timm took Tinkerbell, gave her tattoos and a badass attitude and sent her on an amazing and treacherous journey.
She's an inspiring female character who will make readers flock to this series. One of the best female leads in fiction today!
With danger, evil fairies, and a great cast of supporting characters (you have to both love and want to give Thane a smack sometimes), not to mention the imaginative imagery and plot, you can't go wrong with The WishKeeper!

5/5--original work!

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