Friday, December 26, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Fairy Tale Karma" by D. Thrush

Every girl daydreams about marrying her Prince Charming and living happily-ever-after in a castle. But what happens after happily-ever-after? Jill is a skeptical journalist who seeks out the truth. Princess Ava sticks to her story despite all not being well at the castle. Her handsome Prince is always busy with his charity work and she’s hooked on romance novels. Their therapist certainly has his work cut out for him. As the Princess relates her idealized storybook version, we find out the truth behind the fairy tale in flashbacks.
Ava always dreamed of marrying the Prince and living in that beautiful castle in town. She just knew it was her destiny. But how to make it happen? Her mother ran off with another man and her father ended up with the jilted wife whose bitterness poisoned their lives. Then it gets worse. She forces Ava to work at her Inn as a maid and almost has her committed when she catches her talking to one of her animal friends. Luckily, Ava’s Fairy Godmother arrives on the scene to help her formulate a plan, but her erratic magic and the appearance of a cute guy at the Inn complicate their scheme and distract Ava from her destiny. How does she manage to get from drudgery to royalty?

This book should have been titled The Truth About Cinderella! Ms. Thrush takes the story every girl knows by heart and gives it a much-needed sense of reality. No one's life is perfect and that includes princesses' lives. This is a behind the scenes look at how Ava, the princess, goes from rags to riches...and it's not just because of a missing shoe!
The last decent Cinderella adaptation I read was Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine, and that book was written in 1998! Reading Fairy Tale Karma is a Disney story for adults and older teens who think they've outgrown fairy tales.
Here is the newsflash Ms. Thrush gives: you can't ever outgrow fairy tales!
The characters are all right. Jill doesn’t strike me as particularly appealing, nor does the prince, believe it or not. What really sets this apart is Ava and her fairy godmother, who's actually a drunk. She's funny, original and truly makes this story as wonderful as it is.
Ava herself is sweet and determined, a great face for a princess. She's eager and strong, a great leader of the people.
While this is an entirely new take on an old story, you still get the same joyous feeling that you did when you were five and watching the Disney movie.
This is a great book to read with a hot cup of tea, just to make you smile!

4/5--a joy to read!

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