Friday, January 9, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "My Little Rabbit" by James DeSantis

What do you do when your biggest enemy is inside your mind?

Jenna is being chased by a crazy clown who wants to kill her, through cornfields, in abandoned houses and most of all, inside her head. When things get really bad after her sister comes to visit, she knows she needs to take down this crazy man once and for all.

Clowns are probably the worst thing on Earth. Put a crazy one in a short story and make him chase you and try to kill you, you pretty much have a recipe for disaster.
In the newest story from James DeSantis, we deal with horrors both real and imagined as we join Jenna on her frightening journey. I can't really say much, because it's so short that I'm afraid to give too much away.
I will say I really enjoyed editing it, being a small part if such a powerful story. A lot of people, by the time they get to the end of it, will be able to relate to Jenna and will probably face a small smile on their faces.
Death comes in all forms: it's our choice of we meet him halfway or fight him off.

5/5--one of the best short stories I've read!

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