Sunday, February 22, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Red Carpet Ransom" by W.F. Walsh

Could a major Hollywood star be kidnapped on Oscar night in a drug war of revenge against the United States? Enrique Vega is one of the most notorious drug kingpins in the world and controls a family whose powerbase spreads across Mexico, Central and South America. As the godfather is to the mafia, Vega is to the drug world. Cartel Este controls drug trafficking, money laundering, prostitution, and politicians. Vega is powerful and untouchable-or so he thought. A joint drug task force of United States and Mexican authorities track his movements and strike at the throat of Cartel Este. Vega is arrested and flown to an American military jail to await trial. A new drug war of revenge is unleashed! Special Agent Jake Stein of Homeland Security Investigations/ICE is back, and this time, he's up against a life-and-death struggle. Cartel Este keeps turning up the heat and kidnaps a major Hollywood star on Oscar night to hold for ransom until Vega is returned or the actor will die. The clock is ticking in a life-and-death race against time in a drug war of revenge!

A perfect read on Oscar Sunday for those who would rather get a heads up on the book the next Hollywood blockbuster will be based on than watch last year's best films get awards.
I'm writing this as I'm watching it right now, in fact, having just finished Red Carpet Ransom.
Mixing the exciting vibes of NCIS, Spooks and Graceland all in one, and adding in a dash of Hollywood flair, this is a book you'll find yourself staying up at night to finish before bed! Government officials, drug cartels and actors all mix in this fast-paced thrill ride.
This book has good characters, like the embattled Vega, the austere Agent Stein (Richard Armitage or Michael Weatherly, anyone) and the vengeful Estes, but this isn't a character-driven novel. It's all about plot: the death, the danger and the suspense are all nearly perfect.
There are a few flaws, mostly due to a certain sense of urgency that was sometimes misplaced. There were moments where the urgency wasn't needed but was there, and other scenes where I thought it could've used more suspense.
But that is my only complaint. I really liked this book, and I think movie directors will, too!

5/5--a great thrill ride!

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