Tuesday, February 17, 2015

RELEASE DAY BLAST: "Eve Brenner: Zombie Agent" by A. Giacomi

Author: A. Giacomi
Publisher: Permuted Press
Synopsis: The story continues filling in the two year gap that the first book leaves behind. Where did Eve go? What did she do? And what will happen next? You will have to check out this fast paced read with double the action, double the zombies, double the everything!
In book 2 Eve takes on a whole new role, that of a CSIS Agent. Her new job is both thrilling and terrifying. She might get to travel the work and hunt down her kind, but her transformation is making it more and more difficult to feel human. She continues to fight the virus and accept her new surroundings...might there even be hope for a cure?



I wipe the blood from my lips. I attacked as many as I could, but still it isn’t good enough. I am able to save Agent Williams, who I dragged back to the entrance with me. He is still unconscious, which is totally my fault, but at least he is alive. The poor bastard was in shock. Maybe I was wrong about this tough guy.

I sit next to Agent Williams, and as soon as I get comfortable, I hear footsteps. I bolt back onto my feet and snarl. Out of the shadows pops Major Tom! “Oh, thank God! You’re okay! I’m sorry about your men.” I point to the carnage that once resembled human beings. He sighs and has a seat next to our unconscious friend.

Major Tom pulls a flask out of his pocket and starts drinking. “What do you make of all this, Eve? What the hell is going on?”

I think about it for a moment before I answer. “Well, sir, I think they remember being human, because the infected seem to be acting like a cult. They knew to put a sacrifice on the ancient slab, and then they attacked together, as a community. These zombies are a little smarter than most, which makes them more deadly, if you ask me.”

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