Monday, April 13, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "PIlgrim" by Terrence Atwood

An exploratory probe is launched into space on a mission to investigate the possibility of extraterrestrial life. However, a cabal of military forces have covertly converted the probe into a weapon of mass destruction - arming it with a nuclear payload. 
When the launch of the craft goes awry, the probe crashes back on Earth and begins carrying out its mission – eradicating all life. It’s up to Catherine Tennison, an intrepid NASA scientist, and Army Colonel Walt Macken to capture and disarm the probe before it brings about Armageddon.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

For a short book, Pilgrim sure packs a lot of information and action into 146 pages! The ideas aren't exactly new, just using the basics of great science fiction in a slightly different way. I loved the idea that a space probe could be used as a weapon of mass destruction.
Experiments gone wrong are an oldie but a goodie, and this one is deceptively simplistic. The characters are what you'd expect to find in an apocalyptic novella. Colonel Macken is a typical Army man, acting superior and in charge. But Catherine is a nice breath of fresh air. She's smart and strong, but not an overpowering character. They don't fight for the lead role, they share the spotlight.
There were some editing issues. Usually, I don't grade on editing, unless it hinders the reader's perception of the story. There were a lot of what we call "orphaned" periods, very out of place. There were a lot of repeated words as well, making the story seem redundant.
With a little editing and perhaps a bit more descriptive language, this book could be great. It is still good, and if you like short and sweet sci-fi, I recommend it to you.

3/5--just needs a little work.

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