Wednesday, June 17, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Scarlett And The Mobster" by S.L. Baker

Scarlett and the Mobster, blends love, lust, and danger into a potent mixture! 
Angelina Ellington, Southern by birth and sweet as peach pie, has moved north with her best friend Nicole to start a new life as an investigative reporter in hopes of leaving a painful past behind. When the romance door opens and in steps Victor Salvatore, Angelina isn’t so sure she’s ready. 
Victor Salvatore, New Jersey born and bred, is the most eligible bachelor, big, rich, handsome and generous to a fault. But Victor has secrets and he’s looking for a woman strong enough to trust, and in stumbles Angelina. Literally. And he is suddenly captivated by her sweet Southern charm and tenacity. 
Angelina, with the help of Scarlett, Angelina’s parasol-twirling, hot-pants-wearing-hussy ego, to fan the flames, she and Victor get off to a smokin’ hot start, but will the flame burn bright and true? Or will the secrets they both harbor drive them apart? 
Scarlett and the Mobster has all the elements of romance, eroticism, and gangland action. 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

When I choose to read erotica, I don't want a torrid affair of raunchy sex for 200 odd pages. I want a story, something to make me fall for the characters before I see their unmentionables in writing. With Scarlett and the Mobster, that's exactly what I got: a story. Baker does a great job at describing the characters, both physically and mentally. You get to know them quite well, while still giving them an air of mystery.
I'm Italian, and I usually get offended at the stereotypical depiction of the Mob, and in here we don't see a big Sopranos deal, but we do see some basic generalizations that make the characters easy to see with the mind's eye.
Victor is not my type in real life, but even I can say how sexy I fimd him. He's tall, dark and dangerous, so who wouldn't make him their next book boyfriend? And we can't forget Nelson, the a**hole yet incredibly attractive news reporter!
The story seems long, but before I knew it I had finished it, truly enjoying every word and every scene. I hope to read a lot more from S.L. Baker in the future!

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