Monday, June 15, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Everflame" by Dylan Peters

The world is old and full of lies,but also full of truth,and here between the earth and sky the questions fall to you. 
  Long ago, when the earth was young, four ancient beings created man to be the bastion of the earth and its creatures, but when the Great Tyrant came and chased the Ancients away, the world was transformed into a place of fear and isolation. Over time, humans lost their connection with a world they had been created to protect, they forgot the ways of their ancient creators, and accepted the Tyrant’s lies as truths from the mouth of a god. 
  Now, deep in the forests that surround Gray Mountain, two bears find a small child that is abandoned and left for dead. The bears name him Evercloud, raise him as a member of their kingdom, and teach the boy of the Ancients, all underneath the light of the Everflame, the flame that burns atop Gray Mountain as a monument to the integrity and spirit of the bears. 
  As Evercloud grows, rumors reach the bear kingdom of the Ancients’ return, and now the young man must leave his home to find them, and help save the world he holds dear. 
  Will Evercloud lose himself in the darkness of the Great Tyrant’s lies, or will he have the courage to judge his own heart, the strength to master the darkness, and the faith to follow his purpose until it burns within his heart like the Everflame?

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

While I was asked to review this book by the author, I was still wary, because it is a free Kindle book. I've downloaded a LOT of free ebooks, and there is a good mix of gems and dirt. This one is definitely a gem!
Fantasy is a great genre, but after all these years books start to blend in with others. I can't tell you how many books I've had to rate horribly because they were knockoffs of the classics in the genre, rather than original works and ideas. Everflame is filled with new imagery, plots and villains, making it one of the true originals in the modern day fantasy genre.
Another thing I liked about the book was the ambivalence of the characters. Every villain does not need a likable aspect, but when an author gives them one, they should be as strong as they are here. And I LOVE it when heroes do questionable things, or act in a way that makes them seem less heroic. (My favorite fictional character is Dean Winchester, so you can see why I like this character trait!)
Lines are blurred between good and evil and the reader is swept along on an amazing journey from beginning to end. While some hate cliffhangers, I love them. They make you want to get the next book in the series ASAP. This was an excellently plotted ending.
Even if you're not big on fantasy, I recommend this book to you! Great work!

5/5--This series will be remembered for generations!

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