Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "The Courtesan's Diary" by Ellie Channings

Miss Calico Creighton loved her life. And in the summer of 1817, for a beautiful, young, unmarried woman living in London, that was saying a lot. Callie’s chosen profession, Courtesan, was not a hard choice to make, not for Callie. To have her own home, a staff, food on her table, meant everything to Callie, and when her first protector returns to America, Callie sets her sights upon the handsome Lord Robert Conley, Duke of Averly. 
Robert is everything Callie could ask for, generous, loving and demanding. While under his protection, Callie learns there is much more to the Courtesan business than just being young, and beautiful. She must learn to bite her tongue and submit herself to Roberts every desire… 
A Courtesan’s work is never done, but the benefits are deliciously divine…

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Regency romance. Believe it or not, I absolutely love this genre! The 1800's are a magical time for novels, though some modern writers sometimes fail to grasp the class and dignity of the Regency era, focusing too much on the romance. Thankfully, Ms. Channings easily writes the grace and beauty of the time along with the steamy romance the readers want in a book from Hot Ink Press.
The Duke is dashing and alluring, Calico is dainty and yet still vivacious. This is a short, sweet and hot story that will give you some wonderful dreams/fantasies if you read it before bedtime!

5/5--sweet, sexy and beautiful.

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