Friday, March 25, 2016

RELEASE DAY + BOOK REVIEW: "A Timeweaver's Wager" by Axel Blackwell

Would you give your life for a second chance?
Glen McClay sits on a fallen log by the railroad trestle, watching for his girlfriend's ghost. Eight years ago, Connie Salvatore was savagely murdered here. Glen has spent his life seeking redemption, haunted by the knowledge that he might have been able to save her.
The time has come to let go of his past and move on with his life. But as he prepares to do so, an old friend offers Glen the redemption he has always sought – a chance to relive that horrible night and change the past. All he has to do... is die.

I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Love is a powerful motivator. More than hate, more than despair, love propels you to do the unthinkable. Mix love with grief, and you have what could be a recipe for disaster.
Glen is suffering from survivor's guilt and depression, knowing that he could have saved his girlfriend from a brutal murder but was unable to do so. When he is given the chance to do it over, he takes it...despite its deadly circumstances.
A dark novel steeped in regret, The Timeweaver's Wager tells the story of lost love and redemption. The raw emotion Glen displays is enough to make your heart weep for him. Having, personally, just come off of another story where a character mourned the woman he lost and couldn't save, I really liked getting back to the theme of loss.
You get to know and like these characters during the first half of the story, which does go a bit slowly but it is necessary so you really get a feel for the people you're reading about. The ending picks up and will have you rapidly turning pages. While I could guess what might happen, that in no way dampened the story for me.
This is a great book, and perfect for all genders to read with a cup of tea and a raging storm outside.

4/5--well-written and darkly beautiful.

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