Monday, August 28, 2017


1. When/why did you decide to become a writer? *

I don't think I ever 'decided', I just always knew I wanted to tell stories. I've been telling them since I learned how to talk!

2. What authors inspired you when you were younger? What books do you enjoy reading today? *

J.K. Rowling, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman... their books shaped the way I read, and now, write. These days I'm still into Science Fiction, but I'm challenging myself to read non-fiction to broaden my horizons. 

3. What was the inspiration behind your latest release? *

Alienation (October 24th 2017) was, at first, just a novel about a stratified society where "moving up in the world" was quite literal. The first draft was written 7 years ago, before I had the tools to really talk about social mobility. Finding it too dark, I used the character of Sally Webber to explore the absurd aspects of a world not so different from our own!

4. Were any of the characters personalities or emotions taken from real life? *

Not from people I know, but from real struggles, sure. Sally Webber deals with anxiety and depression, but it does not define her life. 

5. Why do you write in your chosen genre? What other genres would you like to try your hand at? *

I write scifi because I LOVE scifi. I'm actually getting a masters in Astrophysics! But I would love to write fantasy, or contemporary lit, too. 

6. What would you do if you were your main character? *

Probably freak out and explore the universe. She's got such an exciting opportunity to see space up close!

7. Will we ever see these characters again? *

I sure hope so! If all goes well, the series - or, should I say, saga - will span 15 novels. 

8. Would you like to see this book as a film or TV show? If yes, who do you want to see play your characters? *

I think it would be amazing for Starstruck to be a TV show! Sally could be played by Britt Robertson, Zander by Rohit Khandelwal, and Blayde by Summer Glau (if she's be willing to dye her hair!).

9. Where do you see yourself and your career in the next ten years?

Hopefully with a bestselling series and a show! I would love to balance both my writing career and research into astrophysics and cosmology. 

10. Is there anything you haven't touched on that you'd like readers to know about your book? *

It's exciting, it's funny, and it answers the question of whether or not we're ready for space tourism. Oh! And there's pizza!

11. What would you be doing if you weren't writing? *

Reading, knitting, and studying space.

12. Can you tell KSR what you're working on next? *

Well, I have quite a few projects in the works. I'm working on the next Starstruck book (Traveler, coming spring 2018) but also a YA scifi which I'm really excited about. No spoilers!

13. What authors, dead or alive, would you like to collaborate with? *

Nail Gaiman (PLEASE!) and Douglas Adams. 

14. What are three things that may surprise your readers to know about you? *

I mapped the surface of Mercury, have a cover design business, and can sing the periodic table song. Hi!

15. Please list your links where readers can find you online and purchase your works. *

Starstruck by S.E. Anderson Author Page:

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