Sunday, September 3, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: "Enchantments" by Claire Plaisted

Meet the Characters who will keep the human world safe from the
Shadow Realm.
They thought they were human…and though their DNA was similar
and they each had human ancestry their lives were about to change…so
you could live.
Farron – Bul’ith – British living in America
Praxel – Bul’ith – American with Egyptian Ancestry
Briar – Bul’ith - American
Ruben – Human American with European heritage
Fleur – Bul’ith – French Canadian
Mitsuoshi – Bul’ith – Japanese heritage
Maxwell – Bul’ith – New Zealander with British & Maori Blood
Bunita – Bul’ith - Indian
Meet their Trainers and the Animals they will be matched with.
Qwain and the Wolf
Quawn and the Falcon
Ngaire and the Cheetah
Avron and the Black Bear
Avrain and the Anaconda
Nikau and the Komodo Dragon
Kendrall and overall leader and the Wild Boar
Meet the Shadow Master and be careful of his minions…They are
daring and act quicker than most can move. Their claws could grab
your ankles at any moment and suck your soul.
The Shadow Realm had found a gap in space and time, a place where
they could observe the Human world before they claimed it as their

Farron is one of six, chosen to embark of an epic adventure against the
Shadow King and his evil Realm; but how can six Humans fight against
the perils of the Shadows of Death?
Because they're not really Human...
First born sons and daughters of the Bul'ith, Farron and the others
must accept the truth and the animal energies they inherit, heed the
words of their trainers and defeat the Realm of the Shadow King.
if they ever wish to restore their world

Author Bio:
Claire Plaisted lives in Rotorua, New Zealand with her family. Rotorua
is one of the main tourist stops for a cultural Maori experience with lots
of things to do, be it walking, cycling, museums, spa days etc.
Claire is an Multi Genre Indie Author, with side lines in genealogy
where she researches and formats family history books for clients.
Claire also developed a business to help Indie Authors self-publish,
assisting over thirty clients so far
Claire has published twenty-six books. Two are short stories, six are
part of a series which is called ‘Garrett Investigation Bureau.’ She has
one adult fantasy, one children’s mythical story. Along with six
contemporary romance novellas under her pen name ‘Beth Bayley.’
Claire has a children’s book series called Girlie Adventures. The first
three are now available. ‘Girlie and the War of the Wasps,’ ‘Girlie and
the Quest for Pedi’s Family and ‘Girlie’s Circus Adventure. They are
adventure story for children from four years upwards. Each one sold
gives 40% to a charity. The first book is, in essence about healthy
eating and the book will help raise funds for ‘Chasing a Cure for Type 1
Enjoy your lives and read a book.


I love a good magic-based fantasy book, but I'm pretty picky about which ones I read for pleasure and for the blog. Claire's magazine, The Indie Publishing News, always features KSR reviews, so of course I accepted a copy, pleased to see myself in the acknowledgements! Thank you for that, Claire.
It should be noted first that Enchantments is a novella, clocking in at only 91 pages, and therein lies the issue I had with the story. There just wasn't enough detail (hence the four star review instead of a five star). I found it all moved far too fast, everyone was too easily accepting, especially Farron, who finds out she's a Bu'lith and then seems to easily accept it and go off into another realm.
Why am I still giving the book five stars? Because the plot was brilliant! I immediately wanted to know more about The Shadow Realm and those who reside there, fighting the Shadow King. It was so vivid, so wonderfully crafted, I found the rushed nature of the narrative didn't do it justice. Claire Plaisted has a brilliant imagination, and I really want to see more of this world and these characters.

4/5--excellently crafted.

Purchase Enchantments from Amazon.

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