Monday, November 4, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: "Salome" by J. Valor & S. Pryce


I was excited to have been contacted by Malena PR to read and review J. Valor & S. Pryce's epic novel Salome, a book I might have never come across otherwise, which would have been a shame

The House of Saba has waited mellinia for the coming of the Daughter who will save them in their time of need. It had been prophesied by the Seeress of Solomon's wife, and each time a woman gave birth, everyone in the House waited in ectsasy and fear to see if this would be the One for whom they were waiting.

When Ayanna, tge wife of Archlord Cyrus of Doreh, gives birth to her daughter, they know she is the One.
They name her Salome, meaning "Peaceable One".

When she comes of age, she will save Doreh and everywhere else in this futuristic, fictional Middle East. But, to keep her safe, her doting father will have to die and divert his enemies' attentions. But, with his dark brother, the Prince, and the unrest of the nation, will it be enough, as the prophet Elijah says it will? And what is this bond Salome seems to have forged with Jack, the son of a photographer who had been statiegically placed within the House of Saba by Elijah?

Most of all, will Salome do what is intended of her, or will she die trying?

As a whole, Salome is truly a masterpiece. Every scene is described with scrupulous detail, each character is given his or her own personality and the anticipation the reader feels as they turn every page is intense.

I enjoy the slightly twisted version of the Middle East, and its differences from the real world make Salome even more enjoyable than if it were traditional.

I also liked that it was set in a modern time as opposed to all of it being set in the past, as many novels of this style are. It shows a great level of creativity from the authors.

It can seem like a long read because it requires concentration, it actually took me a little more than three days to read, but it is worth every second.

I recommend this read to anyone and everyone who wants a fun, yet intense story with a strong plot, interesting subplots and colorful characters.

And, if you need yet another reason to pick up this modern-day epic, it is endorsed by the creators of Lord of the Rings!

5/5-masterfully created!

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Stay tuned tomorrow for my exclusive interview with the creators of Salome!

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