Saturday, August 24, 2013

Interview/Review Future Post Dates!

Hello, readers! I am writing this to let you all know what is coming up for me on this blog in the near future.

I have numerous book reviews and author interviews to get to, all of which I have neatly lined up in a schedule of one author's book and interview per week. The dates and names below are what I am working on right now. The ones that have TWO dates are the ones that will have both a review and an interview. The ones that only have ONE date are interviews only. Those authors have books I have already reviewed for the other blog I am associated with, Books Make Me Happy.

I post one per week to keep some order here and also to not crowd you, reader, in too much. Enjoy!

Also, let me add that I am ALWAYS open for new requests for books reviews and/or author interviews. I love reading new books and interacting with authors!

Contact me at if you awnt a review/interview!


8/28: Ella J. Phoenix
9/4: Ellen Schreiber
9/10: Peter Kassan
9/17: James DeSantis
9/24: Laura Thalassa
9/30-10/1: Beem Weeks
10/7-10/8: Rayne Hall
10/14-10/15: Regina Puckett
10/21-10/22: Lisa Calell
10/28-10/29: Stephen B. Pearl

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