In addition to reviews and interviews, as well as promotional posts, I have begun a new service for authors, publishers, musicians, and even other bloggers.

I have been training in graphic design for four years and, after designing teasers for authors and for some of Vamptasy Publishing's promotional posters, as well as fan fiction authors, I was told I could, and should, offer my services to others in the industry.

As part of Partners in Crime Book Services, I now offer graphic design services.

What I do: you can send me a photo of your choice, along with your book's tagline or a general description of your book, and I will make a teaser graphic for you to post on your website and social media. Turnaround time is usually a week at the most, depending on my work schedule. Often, you will receive the finished product within twenty-four hours.
I do book covers, logos, teasers, and banners.


$10.00 USD per teaser, to be paid in advance via PayPal. You must send me your preferred tagline or just your book's description AND the stock photo you want me to use.

$15.00 USD if you do not have and would like me to find you a stock photo.

Please send an email to partnersincrimebooks (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject "GRAPHIC" to get started!

Below are some samples of my work. I can work with any genre, and that includes erotica and LGBT+ books.

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