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BOOK REVIEW: "Weeia On My Mind" by Elle Boca

Paris marshal Danni Metreaux has her hands full with criminals preying on a local Weeia merchant, a fresh trainee and the happy distraction of a new love interest. Her instincts are telling her that a powerful Weeia has been forcing humans to commit a series of crimes, and wiping their victim’s memories, leaving them to human justice. Will Danni be able to discover who is behind the crimes and stop them without losing her own mind?

I received an advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Another great UF book from Ms. Boca! I love reading her work, because her writing is very clean and plain, but gives characters and situations that are so unique. I really have to mention the setting for the book, Paris. It really helps set the tone for the plot and I hope the city keeps playing a part in the rest of the series.
Danni is again a capable marshal, hunting down Weeia and saving humans. She's a different kind of paranormal detective that you don't usually see.
This is a very underrated series that so many more people need to read!

5/5--fast, fun, and unique!

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BOOK REVIEW: "Ethel And The Merman" by Mia Fox

Ethel has made it her personal mission to avoid men. Twelve years ago, she fell for an actor whose charm and good looks won her over. That momentary lapse in judgement resulted in her getting pregnant. 
Although she wouldn’t trade life with her son, Jonah, for anything, Ethel is constantly reminded that his father is less than responsible. Having nobody to lean on has made her leery of ever getting involved with another man. That is, until she meets Atlas, a Merman who is more man than any she has ever known.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Would you believe that this is my first story featuring merpeople? I know there's a lot of fiction out there, but aside from The Little Mermaid and the merpeople of the Black Lake in Goblet Of Fire, I've never read a story featuring them until now.
If the author chose this title and theme because of the actress Ethel Merman, I give her a lot of kudos. If not, very interesting coincidence.
Ethel is a very average character, a single mom dealing with an absentee father for her son, and very self-sufficient. I really liked her from the get go. The story seems pretty normal for the most part, but then she meets a merman and is swept off her feet.
It's an interesting concept, and I never really understood how sex with merpeople worked before. The romance was well written and enjoyable.
The only issue I had with this book was how short it was. I finished it in about an hour. It's memorable, sweet, sometimes funny, and very entertaining. There needs to be more!
A great book for romance lovers who like a quick read before bed.


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Thursday, July 28, 2016

BLOG TOUR: "Under A Brass Moon" Anthology

A Steampunk and Science Fiction Anthology 

This anthology includes twenty-seven short stories intended to enchant.  Enjoy the works of Jordan Elizabeth, G. Miki Hayden, Benjamin Sperduto, D. J. Butler, Christine Baker, Lorna MacDonald Czarnota, Jessica Gunn, Lorna Marie Larson, Quinn Southwick, James Wymore, Terri Karsten, W. K. Pomeroy, Ashley Pasco, Jeremy Mortis, Grant Eagar, Amberle Husbands, Nick Lofthouse, Perry McDaid, and S.A. Larsen. 
Here are just a few of the amazing stories you'll find in UNDER A BRASS MOON: 
Maiden in the Clock Tower by Jordan Elizabeth: A young woman is trapped in a clock tower to be used as a pawn in an evil merchant's scheme. Can she escape to her true love?   
The Queen of Cobwebs by Jeremy Mortis: Something is hunting people in the foggy streets, and the professor and his assistant are about to meet it.  
Vacant by Nick Lofthouse: Where does a dreamer fit into a world where ideas are a finite resource from any one person? Could free thought be our savior, or just a sweet distraction from the inevitable? 
Hour of Darkness by Ashley Pasco: Carissa Upton is just your average Victorian street urchin - little does she know that her life is about to change forever. Not only is her entire life a lie, but her future is uncertain. 
A Connecticut Yankee in Queen Victoria’s Court by G. Miki Hayden: Engineering professor Dr. Alice Alante doesn't believe in time travel. But when she's sent to Queen Victoria's Windsor castle in a strange machine, her only choice may be to help build a dirigible to defend the crown. 
Lucky Escape for Goldilocks Girl by Perry McDaid: On a new world structured to reprise all the patriarchal and elitist notions of the Elizabethan era, a young girl promised to an old but influential suitor chooses to rebel by masquerading as a Knight of the Road … or Highwayman. 
Calliope by Terri Karsten: Roscoe Gordon dreams of bringing back his dad’s Steam Calliope, but he’s hindered by a pair of prank-loving ghosts. With their help, will he lead the parade or blow the whole thing up? 
The Balloon Thief by Jessica Gunn: Adeline has made a name for herself as Beltham’s Balloon Thief for stealing high-priced jewelry items and leaving only balloon in their place, setting sail for finer lands on her steam-powered hot air balloon. Adeline has been told the stolen rings and gems open a door on the mysterious Leikei, the temple in the air where she thinks her friend Colin is stranded. On her last robbery attempt, she’s arrested and forced to place her trust in the museum owner’s daughter who has her own reasons for wanting to get to Leikei. If she can trust her, Adeline just might be able to rescue Colin. If not, it might be the end for them all. 
Ethereal Coilby S.A. Larsen: A new sin eater's refusal to do her job of keeping balance between good and evil awakens Wrath, one of the Seven Deadly Sins, endangering those closest to her. 
Fritz Finkel and the Marvelous Mechanical Thing by Lorna MacDonald Czarnota: Every era has to begin sometime, and every inventor starts someplace. For Fritz, it is the opportunity to impress the "apple of his eye," the lovely, unobtainable Greta Spielmacher--the toymaker's daughter.  Fritz wants to be a toy designer, but he's the janitor. Will his special toy be the key to winning his lady love?  

Henry the Tailor by Grant Eagar: Henry is a tailor and inventor of flying machines. Sophie is an agent for the English secret service. Henry and Sophie live in the alternate, steam powered world of Victorian England. The country is at war with Count Von-Friedrich and his horde of mercenaries. The spies of the count are killing and kidnapping the English scientists and inventors. Sophie’s job is to root out the spies and she uses Henry’s inventions as an enticement.  

Talking Metal by W. K. Pomeroy: Five years after piloting a zeppelin to the other side of the world to find the spark, Saskia is on the verge of inventing greatness, but her old professor appears to have beaten her to the patent office, or has he?   

The Women of Lastonia by Lorna Marie Larson: Earth's best team must learn why a distant planet won't join the Interstellar Alliance. Diplomacy is key, but the closed steampunk society has some primeval ideas on how to treat the fairer sex. 

UNDER A BRASS MOON is available now from Curiosity Quills Press.  Grab your copy from Amazon and make sure to check out reviews on GoodReads.   
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BOOK SALE: "Operation One Night Stand" by Christine Hughes

Operation One Night Stand by Christine Hughes Genre: Romantic Comedy Release Date: 2 June 2015 Forever Yours 
ON SALE for $0.99 on 25 Jul! One day only!  Summary from Goodreads:  IT'S TIME TO CHANGE HER SEXUAL KARMA  Caroline Frost had it all-until her boyfriend banged the superskank intern, and poof! Caroline's happy little bubble disappeared. Now it's been six weeks of weeping, a mountain of ice cream, and a permanent buttprint on the couch. Enough is enough. She and her ladybits need an intervention-now.  Enter Operation: One Night Stand: Find a man who is hotness personified and have some much-needed sexy time. The only problem is that Caroline is torn between a flirtatious, well-built guy and the ridiculously hot bartender serving her shots. This was supposed to be all fun and no games, but like the perfect scotch on the rocks, no good fling finishes without a twist . . . 

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“So, need something to drink?” he asked Melody. I noticed she noticed him. I frowned a bit at the thought of her thoughts infringing upon the perverted scenes that ran through my head but I had to remind myself, yet again, that Brian wasn’t the target. 
“Sure. What do you recommend?” Melody leaned in and purred the question like she always did. I swear to God that girl was sex in heels.“Body shots.” 
“Say what?” I, again, attempted to sit up and once again, Bartender Brian placed his hand on my shoulder and Melody clapped. 
“Let me demonstrate.” 
I felt like my eyes were going to roll into the back of head as I watched him pour a shot of tequila. With a shot in one hand and a saltshaker in the other, he leaned down and licked my neck. As he did, my eyes fluttered closed and I moaned. 
I heard him chuckle quietly. 
I wanted nothing more than the floor to swallow me. 
Before I knew it he shook the salt onto my neck and leaned back down. Instead of merely licking the salt off, he added lips and teeth andoh my God. 
I gasped so hard for air I swore I was drowning. Then he placed a lemon wedge on my lips. 
This shit doesn’t happen to me. Ever. 
I didn’t see him take the shot but I heard the shot glass hit the bar top. 
I held my breath and waited as he raked his fingers through my hair, then he bit around the lemon wedge, scraping his teeth on my lips. He must’ve bit the lemon because drops of juice and tequila fell onto my mouth. He used his lips and tongue to clean it up. 
“That was fucking hot!” Melody clapped her hands. 
“Thanks. I not only serve the drinks, I use them as entertainment.” With one hand in front of him and one behind, he bowed. Fucking bowed. I was a lick away from orgasm and he’s accepting applause. 
“A little help here.” I was not able to sit upright. Melody grabbed my hands and pulled me up. 
I whipped my head around. Bartender Brian was across the way chatting up a group of guys who were with my target. A few people sitting next to me at the bar clapped as I came to my senses. A loud chorus of cheers had me ducking my head to avoid the attention. 
“What the hell was that?” Sarah asked, laughing. 
“Look at you making out with the bartender! Looks like someone jumped off the celibate carousel.” 
“I did not! I was not making out with the bartender. He was just, he was just—” I looked to Melody for an answer. 
“Don’t look at me. Bartender Boy is hot! I say you focus on him!” 
I grabbed my purse and hopped off the barstool. 
“No. I made a deal and I picked my target. You’ll see. I’m going to win this bet!” 
Turning around, Bartender Brian smiled as he slid another drink my way. “Pink Panty Dropper.” 
“What!”How did he know what color my underwear was? 

About the Author 
I’ve always wanted to write. Ever since I was little, I would craft stories and poems but the idea to actually do it “for real” never really crossed my mind until last year. After sitting on three paragraphs of what would eventually become my first novel, I decided to expand upon what I had. At the time I had no real idea of where the story would go, I just knew I had the time to do something with it.  I hadn’t researched market trends, I had no idea about query letters or the evil synopsis, and I was green on the idea of agents and editors and all that is publishing, really. I just wanted to write something I enjoyed. I didn’t plot, outline, or character build, I just wrote. And then an author friend mentioned that I should take my writing to a conference.  So with the confidence that my novel would surely be welcomed by all who read it, I signed up for as many seminars and critiques as I could. I knew someone would love it. In those two days, I found out I had a lot to learn.  Funny, but as a former English teacher, you’d think I’d have figured out the importance of editing and revision and revising again. You’d think I’d have known that the first draft is just that, a draft. And when the critiques started coming in, I thought I was done for. Not that the premise wasn’t good (I was told it was), not that the characters weren’t believable (I was told they were), but I used too much passive voice, I tense shifted and there were some holes in the plotline.  A few agents really liked it, but the market trend couldn’t support it. Some were not fond of the way I told the story. I queried and queried my way to 57 flat out rejections and a number of partial and full requests that didn’t pan out. But along the way I got some great criticism and pointers and I made the story better. Then, on a whim, I trolled the SavvyAuthors website and signed up for a three line pitch to editor Lauri Wellington and I did a happy dance when she requested my full manuscript.  A month later, she responded that she loved the story and the concept but it moved too slowly but I could resubmit if I revised. I informed her I sent her a revision that was based on the opinions of agents, authors and peers but I had the original (cleaned up, of course) and I was sending it in to see if it was more of what she was looking for. And guess what? It was! One caveat, I had to revise the manuscript into past tense. Easy peasy, right? Wrong.  Revising into past tense from present is line editing your entire novel. And it kinda stinks. By the end, I thought my eyes were gonna start bleeding and pop out onto my keyboard. But you know what? That little “exercise” tightened up what was loose, filled in any plot holes that might’ve still been there and forced me to realize I could be a better writer.  The road to publication can be long. It can be a hop, skip and a jump from your first query. Nothing in publication is set in stone. The market is always changing. And the biggest thing I learned is that it’s all subjective. Agents A-Y may pass but all you need is Agent or Editor Z to believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. And I believe in my first novel. And I am happy that Black Opal Books does too. I hope you do, as well. 

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