Thursday, September 5, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: "A Better Tomorrow" by Ian J. Keeney


Rarely in this day & age--where sex, blood & uneducated writing styles are what sells books--can one find a thriller that is written tastefully & eloquently.Ian J. Keeney's novel A Better Tomorrow, is that rare book.I was "introduced" to Mr. Keeney over Instagram, of all places, and was glad to be reading a novel which had a description unlike anything else I've ever read.Elliott Jordan is a writer of spiritual books for children, he has a beautiful girlfriend & a loving father. But he also did something...something he needs to undo but doesn't think he can.He takes an offer from a study group, and he thinks his wish might come true somehow, but he has no idea what he's really getting himself into.This thriller has more than a hint of sci-fi details & quite a few murders...some characters even get murdered more than once. But, even with the shootings, reading Mr. Keeney's prose is like a breath of fresh air in a stagnant world.Every word flows together & it is no wonder that he is also a poet. Yours book reads like a motorcycle rides on new tarmac.Time-travel, bending reality, and contemplation of one's own soul are what makes up the components of A Better Tomorrow. I wish I child give you more details, reader, but that's why I provided purchase links [below]. Every scene, every detail, has meaning.The only thing I can liken this novel to is Stephen King's screenplay [published in the collection Nightmares And Dreamscapes] "Sorry, Right Number". It has that sense of unreality to it.With likeable characters (even the murderers!) & a beautifully written story that contains, not just what I described, but also a sense of family, love & Christianity (without being preachy), this book is worth reading...more than once.

5/5--one of the best pieces of art I've read from a modern writer!

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