Sunday, October 13, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Concealed In My Heart by Regina Puckett


Love stories might be the oldest and most appreciated, yet underappreciated, types of stories out there. We all know and yet make fun of Romeo And Juliet, Cinderella and even The Notebook, while deep down, these are the stories that make us smile, cry and believe in love again.
A modern day fairy tale that is well-written is nearly impossible to find. I know, because I've read many.
Concealed In My Heart by Regina Puckett, however, made me realize that the love story is not dead yet.

Charity is a college student who
gets plucked from obscurity to stardom when a talent scout goes to see her in a play in her hometown in Tennessee. Before she leaves for Dallas, Texas to star in his film about a cheerleader and a football player, she marries her high school sweerheart, Johnny, believing that it will make the six months apart easier to bear.
It didn't, and Charity has to film a major production with a broken heart and a new worry: her costar, the handsome David Warren, and his artist wife, Maria, are having a baby. They have become close friends, but with Maria's health troubles, this baby could cause disaster.
In between all of this, Charity has to deal with lying reporters, bitchy costars, a flirty agent and...the Oscars.

With all this going on, plus home troubles, how can she focus on her heart's main issue, the fact that she is in love with a grieving man who may never love her back?

Concealed In My Heart is a novel for everyone who has ever fallen into unrequited love, or lost the one they love.

It is a short novel that you will never want to end. It is also a testimony to the saying that you don't have to be blood to be family. The reader will be cheering for Charity, will smile at her success and cry at her heartache. I know that I did!

It is a beautiful book, filled with emotion and good intentions. While I have said before that my usual go-to genre is horror, I firmly believe that the world needs more books like these: a book that will make a broken heart heal, and a sad countenance smile, even just for a moment.

Beautiful, heartwarming work!--5/5

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