Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: "The Struggle" Anthology


I rarely review poetry, as I find it difficult to critique something so intimate & emotional.
I haven't reviewed any short stories...yet (some reviews are coming in the future), but I've always wanted to.
Here, I can do both...

Author/poet Sheila Hall gathered together some of today's best indie authors & poets to join her on this collection, whose proceeds go to helping indie authors struggling in the literary world.
She contributed a story & poem herself, as did other authors from Literary Escapism, The Darker Fun & poets whose work has been published in books & on highly prolific websites.

All stories & poems follow the theme of the title, and describe a struggle of some sort: everything from romance woes to arson fires, and each respective contribution will make the reader feel something, be it empathy or sympathy.

I can almost guarantee you'll shed a tear or two and, when you complete the book, you'll read it again and again before referring it to everyone you know.

Who do I recommend this to? Everyone with a heart! It's great work as a whole, and each writer is showcased at his or her best.

So pick up this book & help support indie art!

5/5--Beautiful work from everyone!

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(On the Blogspot you can find links to each of the talented contributors for The Struggle!)

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