Friday, October 25, 2013

TEASER: "Reconnected" by Lisa Calell

Last week I posted a book review for the psychological novel Disconnected and interviewed the author, Lisa Calell. (If you didn't see those posts, I will provide the links to both below!)

She was kind enough to allow me to post three exclusive teasers for the sequel to that novel, this one titled, aptly, Reconnected, which will be out in December.

Here is the first of the three. If you like how this book sounds, be sure to pick up Disconnected on Amazon, where it hit #6 on the bestseller list!

Six months had passed, each day the pain was still excruciatingly new. I poured myself into my work, every emotion in to every word. My life was so different from this time last year. I had him and I had hope. Now, my world was empty once more, I ached to see him. The night I left I had called mom, Chris needed her more than I did. She was horrified when she found him, I pleaded with her to keep the details from me but no, she wanted me to know what I had done. He had been found on the lounge room floor curled in a tight ball surrounded by debris. She said he had smashed the lounge to an unrecognisable state and then lay in the midst of it. This shattered the last remaining fragments of my heart and reduced me to even more tears. I asked mom not to tell me anymore and just to look after him and care for him. No - she couldn’t do that – every opportunity she had she would fill in the gaps. He had gone to London two days later, and according to her, he was a tired, empty shell. For months the tortures of his events were told to me on our daily call, Mom was never going to accept we were over.

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  1. Just wondering when reconnected is going to be for sale.

  2. I will hopefully have that information from Lisa Calell to reveal this week, so please stay tuned! :)