Monday, November 25, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: "Touched By Darkness" by Catherine Spangler



The Lost City of Atlantis has always been a thing of intriguing mystery to all who have an interest in mythology. In Catherine Spangler's romance novel, Touched By Darkness, we learn that, while Atlantis might be lost, its residents are still among us.

Kara Cantrell is a doctor in the small Texas town of Zorro, mother to her six-year-old son, Alex and she is also one of the few humans who can "conduct" for Sentinels, the heroes of Atlantis.

Her husband, Richard, had been a Sentinel, dedicated to protecting Earth until a Belian, a servant of the evil being Belial, killed him before his son had even been born.Kara doesn't want anything more to do with Sentinels after the insurmountable pain and grief she'd gone through, but with Alex starting to exhibit...unusual behavior and evil energy surrounding a murder in town, she is dragged back into the Atlantian world by the sexy Sentinel Damien Morgan.

Together, they must identify whom the Belian is possessing and destroy it before any more innocents can be killed. But becoming a conductor again is much easier for Kara than dealing with the emotions Damien is rousing within her.

Can she deal with breaking her heart again?

I absolutely adored this story, which was fast-paced and not overly emotional as some supernatural romances can be. It was filled with interesting information about Atlantis, fantastical fictional addendums by Ms. Spangler and had just enough action to make it enjoyable, as opposed to being overdone or underdone.

Kara was a character with quite a lot of depth. I think many women, especially mothers, will identify with her. Alex was quite adorable and, of course, damien is truly delectable.

After all, who doesn't love a tall, dark, handsome stranger who also has a hero complex and prefers to sleep in the nude? Haha!

Overall, I am so glad I began to network with Ms. Spangler on Twitter! This was a unique twist to the typical paranormal romance; it takes the reader inside the mind of the Belian and keeps up a steady stream of mystery, romance, sex and danger.

5/5--wonderfully unique!

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