Monday, November 18, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: "The Movement of Crowns" by Nadine Keels


Novellas are a strange territory to me. I reviewed the short story collection, The Struggle, a few weeks ago, but otherwise I've only reviewed novels. But The Movement of Crowns sounded interesting in Nadine Keels' proposal, and I decided to read it.
Very glad that I did!

Princess Constance has finally reached adulthood in her kingdom of Diachona, and has numerous trials ahead of her: chiefly being the fact that, since she is the king's only child, will she be accepted into the Council?

Moreover, now that she has come of age, many eligible suitors are calling on her: the prince of ally Reeh, the Cheiftain Greenly and...Commander Staid Alexander, her childhood friend and the man she truly loves.

But he is called to give military aid to Reêh and Diachona must decide, with Constance's help, if they should go to war with Munda, a volatile neighboring country.Through it all, Constance worries that she might wind up mentally "adrift", as her very own mother, the queen, is.

With many plot twists (especially for a 115 page novella), deeply expressed emotions of love, fear and grief and a wonderfully crafted lead heroine, this ebook is one many will want to pick up.Personally, I loved that this was based on emotions rather than physical relations, I quite enjoyed that a large portion of the story focused on Constance proving that she was worthy of her Council place despite her age and gender.This book can be read by anyone, but young women especially should pick this up, and its sequel, The Movement of Rings.

Great characters, stunning plot and a thought-provoking message make this a story worth reading.


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