Monday, November 11, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: "The Sleeping Warrior" by Sara Bain


Libby Butler was attacked by the serial killer the police are calling "the Vampire Killer" and it leaves the tough lawyer with shot nerves. After that, it all seems to go downhill for her: her boss and lover was seen with another, younger, employee and her new client just might get her killed.

Gabriel Radley is enigmatic, accused to be the killer Scotland yard is looking for, but all be wants is to find this stone be has lost which, be claims, has unimaginable value.

A cult is now after him and Libby and her boyfriend get caught in the middle, even going so far as to accuse her boyfriend of being the serial killer!

To top it off, Libby's client is a gangster with numerous murders under his belt and he's working with a trained assassin who calls herself Rose Red.

Can Libby clear the innocent and incarcerate the guilty or will she lose her life in the process of simply trying to help?

Sara Bain's novel is an intriguing piece of work, with more layers than a Grands biscuit! It is a psychological crime novel with undertones of sex and horror; trust and fear.

For a while, the reader will be confused, wondering who is benevolent and who will prove to be malevolent. Is Gabriel human? Will Libby surviveor will she be brutally murdered...just like women she knows?

Great characters and a storyline that will keep readers guessing and second-guessing. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes very involved, layered stories with enigmatic characters and danger lurking on the next page.

4/5--great work!

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  1. Fab review for what sounds like a fab must read. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My pleasure! It was very enjoyable.
    Please check back weekly for more reviews! :)