Friday, November 8, 2013

BOOK TEASER: "Reconnected" by Lisa Calell (Teaser #2)

If you read my review for Disconnected by Lisa Calell & the following interview, you knew that she is a talented writer with a great story.
She was kind enough to give me three teasers for her upcoming novel, and sequel to Disconnected, titled Reconnected.
If you missed my first teaser, have no fear. I'll have the link posted below.

“Has the trial date come through yet?” interrupting my thoughts. I lifted my head and looked at Dr Jamieson, my heart had leaped inside my chest and I felt like someone was squeezing it harder and harder. I had been pushing thoughts of the trial away. I was going to have to deal with it and she was going to make sure of it.Hiding my fear, or so I thought, I replied with a steady tone “No, nothing yet.”

“You can’t keep putting this off Katie, we have made so much progress with regards to Casey.”
The sound of his name caught my breath and I felt like I was being strangled. She was right I had come to terms with the rape and abuse. I would always be damaged and broken but when I focused I could gain strength from it all.

The trial was different though. I was going to have to relive this for everyone else. I was going to be judged, he was going to be judged. Every little positive thought that counselling had helped with was going to be shattered into tiny pieces by the time I left the stand.

It scared me that it was going to send me right back to the start.

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  1. Thanks Kelly for all your support :)

  2. It's my pleasure. Thank you for using my blog to post the teasers. Your support of ME means a lot!