Monday, December 23, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: "Weird War One" by Mat Devine



"EVERYONE'S life is a gift."

That's just one of the many quotes from Mat Devine.
Some of you may know him from his popular band Kill Hannah (known for their songs "Lips Like Morphine" & "From Now On", amongst others), which he has led since his days at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1994.

If you don't know him, here is your chance to get inside the mind of this talented man.

For years Mr. Devine has run an online blog/community called The Raccoon Society (he explains why in the book), a place where his fans can gather, talk to each other & talk with him as well.

It started because of a blog he did with FUSE TV and grew & grew into a place where he gives us advice, talks about his experiences on the road with KH and in life.

This book is not just for his fans: this is a book for anyone who needs to smile, laugh & remember that they are worth more then they know.

Filled with advice, questions previously submitted by fans (my mother and I are in there, as well, under an old Twitter handle), photos and stories, this short book is a must-read for anyone who has been bullied, ostracized, and felt left out.

With The Raccoon Society, Mr. Devine created a place where we all belong, its essence captured in Weird War One: Antihero's Guide to Surviving Everyday Life.


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