Thursday, December 5, 2013

BOOK TEASER: "Reconnected" by Lisa Calell (Teaser #3)

Here is the final EXCLUSIVE teaser for Lisa Calell's upcoming book Reconnected, the sequel to her bestseller Disconnected, which I reviewed.
To learn a but more about tots book, visit my previous posts featuring Ms. Calell's exclusive interview with me and two previous teasers.
As soon as more information on the book's release is made available, you can be sure that I will post it here, so check back soon!

Not surprisingly, "Orphan" became a best seller, Danielle had been right, it appealed to both adults and children and suddenly I was globally famous. My life was in a whirlwind of travel and interviews, always with the question "How did you come up this book, what inspired you?". I wasn't about to tell them that my heart had been ripped out and left in the street to be trampled on daily by crowds of people. No, I always used the same reply "Everyone experiences loss in their lives, everyone feels empty and lonely from time to time. I just wanted to take that pain from them and put it in writing. Something the reader could understand and relate to but it be someone else with the sorrow instead of them. At the same time giving them something to cry over to release their agony." Each time I said this, the interviewer would nod, having experienced the loss I described - the emptiness and loneliness. They could feel my pain - it would seem the whole world could now feel it.

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