Monday, March 17, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Night Angel" by Lisa Kessler


In Night Demon, the second novel of Lisa Kessler's Night Series, we saw one of her unforgettable characters, Colin Flynn, God of the South, lose his ability to fly as his spirit animal, a hawk, after the Night Demon destroyed the muscle in his arm.
Now Colin has returned to Belfast a bitter man. The hawk inside is begging to be set free and he can't get over his new disability.
He meets Juliana, a deaf girl with a gift for prophecy, and he thinks he can find the secret to overcoming his disability through her strength.
But an old enemy had returned and he could destroy Colin and Juliana's life together before it's even begun.

Night Angel is a very quick, very deep read. You don't have to bea fan of bloodsucking immortals with great bodies to enjoy this aside from her undeadly series.
Like Beg Me To Slay, Night Angel is a story with a deeper meaning, about overcoming one's disability to be the best person that he/she can possibly be.

Great story from a great writer. Longtime fans and new readers alike will sink their teeth into Night Angel!


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