Monday, March 3, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Blood And The Life" by Donald K. Chapman


Donald K. Chapman's debut novel details the story of the first vampire on earth. Now, if you're a Twilight or The Vampire Diaries fan, don't expect to like this novel! If you like bloody, historical fiction that seem like Anne Rice and Bram Stoker had a love child, this is the book for you!

Feranos is a member of a secret brotherhood that lives in caves in a B.C.-era, and survive on, but just food and water, but on blood as well. But Feranos wants more: more power, more victims and more blood.
When he goes through a test, needing to bleed a woman who looks just like his former love, he fails. The brotherhood tortures and expels him. He wanders the world looking for a way to get stronger and best them when he hears about a Jesus of Nazareth who has amazing powers. He drinks of the Savior's blood and becomes immortal: a true vampire.
His life is good, until he meets Alinas in the Eastern European mountains...another lookalike for his lost love. Note he must decide, live with Alinas and watch her die as he lives forever, or turn her and curse her with his affliction?

This is a great novel that makes you want to keep reading. Its facts are spot-on and his take on the crucifixion of Christ is tastefully done, as opposed to coming off as blasphemous, as some authors depicting this type of story can seem.
Each character is well rounded and it says something about the quality of the author when I can actually root for sometime as evil as Feranos to find love and be happy. I'm usually a black-and-white type of reader: you have your heroes and your villains. This book crosses those lines and you, reader, won't notice it until you stop and find yourself thinking about Feranos in a good way.

Excellent work and The Blood And The Life doesn't read like a debut at all, but rather the work of a veteran.

4/5--great work!

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