Sunday, March 30, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Reconnected" by Lisa Calell


In Lisa Calell's much-anticipated sequel to her novel Disconnected, Reconnected takes up six months after its predecessor ends, after the abused Katie Calder has left her husband Chris because of what her abuser, Casey, has done in front of him.

Katie is promoting her new book, living in Boston, when her husband shows up at a signing in the West Coast, asking to try to reconcile. The trial to convict Casey is in four weeks, and he has some new information about the baby girl that Casey told her she miscarried while he had held her captive when she was a teen. The baby was a boy...and he's alive.
How can Katie cope with this, when she and her therapist, Dr. Jamieson, have come so far since the last incident? How can she have had a child in the world and not known about it? And how can she get him in her life now?

In a book full of twists, turns and three-sixties, Ms. Calell keeps the readers on their toes as each page of Reconnected reveals some new shock for Katie, Chris and even Dr. Jamieson. It's a story for everyone, but mothers and those who are/have adopted children will have a very special connection with this book.
While the last book dealt with rape and PTSD, this one deals with love and forgiveness. I couldn't put it down once I began it. My favorite of it all, however, was how natural Katie and Chris's relationship is. It isn't like they're two characters made for a book: it's more like Ms. Calell had a hidden camera in a real couple's household and simeply transcribed what she saw and heard. That's how real and heartfelt they are.

This book was one million percent worth waiting for. Fans of Disconnected won't be disappointed and new fans will be enthralled and hurry to pick up the first in the series.

5/5--amazing work!

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