Monday, March 31, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Echoes" by Therin Knite


In the year 2712 Adem Adamend is a genius working crime scenes in Washington DC with the Interdistrict Bureau of Investigation. He has a truckload of work piling up and no credit for solving the unsolvable.
A hotshot lawyer is murdered, and Adem is finally faced with a true challenge: the culprit appears to be a...dragon?
When he meets Umbrella Girl, the only person he can't read, is when this gets really interesting and he realizes that there are more things in the world than he ever dreamed of...literally!

In just 133 Kindle pages, readers will be taken on a wild sci-fi ride from the mind of Therin Knite, the Brooklyn punk-turned-author.
This novella is a quick read that will make readers think about their own perceptions of reality, as Adem does.

Great plot, great characters and a unique story will make Echoes a must-read for Sci-Fi fans! 


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