Friday, March 28, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Lineage" by Gabrielle Faust


Gabrielle Faust returns to her vampiric roots in her latest novel, The Lineage.

Tristan Faust lived a fairly normal life until he meets a band of vampires lerld by the enigmatic Dorian. He turns and lives with them for twenty years, wondering when the last of his humanity will fade.
When a member of the tribe is brutally murdered in an alley, Tristan starts to slowly see all the lies Dorian told him about vampires unravel before his eyes.
One by one, the members of the group are murdered, each more horrifically than the last. Tristan is forced to face his familial lineage and what he finds might be more than he can handle...

Only a vampire can write vampires so well. Gabrielle Faust is a talented artist in many categories, but she is at the top of her game when writing about the Undead.
With a flowing, lyrical prose as if she's the lovechild of Poe and Bram Stoker, she takes the reader on a horrifying journey of blood, death and truth.

Great read for vampire lovers, those new to the genre and vampires themselves.


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