Monday, March 10, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Movement of Rings" by Nadine Keels


In the sequel to Nadine Keels' novella The Movement of KingsThe Movement of Rings begins by showing the other side of the battle between Munda and Diachona, the side of the greedy King Aud and his maidservant, the feisty Naona.
After detailing what went on behind the scenes when Aud decided to attack Diachona, the story goes on to tell of the fate of Munda, the kingdom nite without a king or queen and no way to crown a brew one, because the Ring Of Will was secretly given to Naona by Aud before his murder.
Can Munda survive and gain back its integrity after civil wars and the forceful taking off land from other countries? And could the fate lie in the hands of a maidservant from the village?

As I said about its predecessor, Rings is a joy to read. It details the story of a strong young female lead and her moral decisions to save a kingdom, her home.
She has to have strength to refuse the love of her master, help a family wrought by tragedy and keep her head in situations that would emotionally cripple other women her age.
Another ditty to mention in this story is Naona's best friend, Fauri, who denies that she is miserable in the service of Aud and refuses to wear the makeup all women must.

I love reading Ms. Keels' work as it is never flowery or overdone. Nor is it overly sexed up or violent. The story is always inspiring, especially to young women who might be feeling oppressed or unable to make decisions for themselves.
Great work and a perfect continuation to Kings!


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