Thursday, May 15, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Shadows" by Nicole Belanger


Kristie is a young nurse with divorced parents and an amazing cop boyfriend. She goes into work like any other day, only to find herself in the middle of a shooting spree, performed by a grieving father.
She braves being shot to death to save her patients in the pediatric ward and winds up watching a colleague die and her best friend shot in the shoulder before being hit and receiving a concussion.
Once she's out of the hospital, the shadows of depression and post traumatic stress disorder start to envelop her, tauntingher with the relief of self-mutilation and death...

Nicole Belanger is a young writer and this is only her second book. This seems more like a tenth book by someone who has studied psychology and psychiatry.
Very few people have written so accurately about PTSD and the harsh effects of panic attacks without having experienced them first-hand, but she did. As a sufferer of frequent panic attacks, I know how deadly they can be; how the shadows grab you and drag you down.
This is an amazing story of bravery, inner strength and survival. Ms. Belanger perfectly describes the emotions and disorders that so many suffer from traumatic events.
Under the severe emotions, lies one thing in this book: love. The love that flows between Kristie and Gage is beautiful and true; a great shining light in Shadows.

I love this book and I'm sure others will as well. I recommend it to everyone who has gone through this, and their lived ones. It gives great understanding of this disorder and is a great mystery/drama story on top of it!

5/5--great work!

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