Monday, May 12, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Firedragon" by Mary Fan


In Mary Fan's novella The Firedragon, a prequel to the Flynn Nighsider Series, we are taken into a post apocalyptic world where monsters created by the Lord of the Underworld are defeated by Defenders: magicians and "Norms" (people born without magical powers). Norms have always been looked down upon, but fourteen-year-old Aurelia Sun wants to change that.
She's a Norm who had trained to be the best at killing monsters, but has received no recognition from the Triumvirate, her government. Now there is an open Challenge, where Defenders can try and win the competition and prove who is the best.
But this is no straightforward competition and desth awaits the Norms around every corner.

This was a really interesting read. It follows a determined teen girl who wants to be the best. I can relate and so can many others who will pick this story up.
It also has a lot of friendship and love attached, which is a great counterbalance top all the violence.
I love the government being seen as oppressive and the thene of revolution. It is something many of us can understand, as we are oppressed as well: gays can't marry, women are underpaid, etc..
Great story. I want to read more about the strong-willed Aurelia!

4/5--great book!

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