Monday, May 5, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Justice, Inc." by Dale Bridges


Many of you might remember my post last year for the anthology Tuned To A Dead Channel,  published by Dagda Publishing. You can find my review of that HERE .
One of those stories, "Welcome To Omni-Mart", was one of the most memorable in that compilation of today's best in dystopian fiction. The author, Dale Bridges, will be releasing his debut short story collection this June, titled Justice, Inc..

In this book, dystopia meets horror with stories about fashionistas killing their zombie-boyfriends with designer purses, companies being able to lay claim to your soul, and "human simulations" (AKA realistic robots) killing their abusive owners (amongst other, equally disturbing, tales).
The title comes from the story of the same name, where terrorism, war and infertility merge together to create a sympathy-inducing, slightly cringe-forming narrative.

What I think I liked the best, even over the social commentary and the dull shock that America could very well become like the country depicted in these stories, was that there were little things like companies and games that tied many of them together.
Like other authors, such as the inimitable Stephen King, such small yet obvious crossovers show so much potential for Mr. Bridges' future.
If this is the future of this dystopian fiction, the future is looking damn good!

5/5--thought-provoking and innovative.

Justice, Inc. will be available for purchase on June 20, 2014, at which time I will update this post with the correct purchase links.

Until then you can preorder the book HERE .

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