Thursday, May 22, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Matriarch" by Kevin A. Ranson




College student Janiss Connelly is spending her Thanksgiving vacation at her grandparents' cabin with her kinda sorta boyfriend, Daniel. But first she wants to see her elderly friend in her upscale retirement community. But Ruth has been moved to the "private wing", a place the old seem to disappear to forever.
Her curiosity gets her a job at the home, under the supervision of the mysterious director, Louisa.
Back at home, she gets entranced by a handsome driver, who has more on his mind than directions...he has food on his mind.
When Janiss wakes up in a fresh grave, the blood of her boyfriend on her mouth, she knows she's in deep now!

Kevin Ranson took the notion that vamps are handsome artists and murdered it. Ian is a conniving, hungry bloodsucking creature who doesn't sparkle.
The image of Daniel's mangled body is haunting, add is the physical transformation that the vampires undergo when they are angry.
This is the story of a murder going back 100 years, and the story of finally getting justice.
You won't know who to trust, who to hate and who you will want to win in the end.
One of the top three best "horror" vampire novels since Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot.


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