Saturday, May 10, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Movement of Kings" by Nadine Keels


In the third and final book of Nadine Keels' Movement trilogy, you are taken more than 20 years after the last book, The Movement of Rings, has ended.
Munda and Diachona have combined to make a whole country, under the rule of King Matthias until his death, after which his daughter, Constance, took over.
But now things are looking bleak. With a new king who somtimes has strange "gut feelings" that come true, a sickly infant heir and a strange illness breaking out, which some believe is a punishment for combining the two countries, how can anyone feel safe?
It's up to the new king to make things right, when all he wants to do is court a certain lady of his kingdom.

The narrative of Kings is very emotional, with the hero dealing with life, death, love and politics.
Vale Hanna, is a soft-spoken, relatable character with hidden depths and the hero is just prefect.
The emotions aren't overdone and characters from both of the previous stories make appearances, which gives it a familiar feeling.

All in all, this series was so wonderful and I'm sorry to see it end.

5/5--great ending!

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