Sunday, May 25, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Playmates (Wilde Twins #1)" by Jess C. Scott


Jess C. Scott is the founder of jessINK Publishing, which gives her the freedom to write what she pleases...and what she pleases is the dark, disturbing tale of two murderous young twins in Playmates, the first in a trilogy.

Trevor and Tania Wilde are each others' twins, best friends and protectors. Their mother is a drug addicted alcoholic and their father is always angry. Their mother hits Tania and makes her feel like trash. She sleeps with men for money and wants her twelve year old daughter to do the same.
Trevor seems to get off lighter than Tania, but he uses that to help his beloved sister out of jams.
The only thing that makes their time bearable is each other...and their obsession with violence.

This story is NOT for the faint of heart. Its appeal comes from the fact that there are no bloodsucking vampires or flesh-eating werewolves in the narrative. The biggest monsters are the humans. There are two little kids with their whole lives ahead of them, but life has other plans for them.
Murder (actually multiple murders), rape, incest and anger fuel Playmates. While the kids are despicable, readers will find themselves wanting to hug them and give them milk and cookies under a safe roof.
You will cringe, you might cry, but you will definitely be unable to take your eyes away from your ereader!
(I consider this to be 18+, by the way. It is far too sinister for most teens.)


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